We have a coffee table!

I am beginning to love Craigslist. We bought a coffee table today for $35. Just $35! Granted, it’s mostly plywood, it’s a little scratched, and one of the legs wobbles. But that just makes me feel better about my plans to paint it. I can’t make it much worse, can I?

Here are some photos of the table in our living room:

It has these white, marble-looking panels on top.

Here it is with my shoes underneath and in front of our black leather couch, which is supremely comfortable but which I am still trying to figure out how to incorporate into my dreams of an all-white house.)

Don’t you love the curvy legs? I think it will look great once it’s painted.

We exchanged a few e-mails with a university student, M, and met him at his apartment to pick up and pay for the table. He let us into his apartment to look at the table. We looked and said, OK, we’ll take it. He was also trying to sell some lamps, but we weren’t interested.

M told us he was moving to Boston to get his master’s degree in philosophy, and that’s why he was selling his stuff. He thought we were university students, too. Do we look that young, still?

Now I’m off to the store for spray paint and supplies. Stay tuned for the makeover!


2 responses to “We have a coffee table!

  1. ohhh can’t wait to see the finished result… will u be rubbing back parts of it to give it a rustic look with those cabroile legs or do something new!!! excited to see… xx cat

  2. I’m not planning on distressing it, although that can look great on some pieces! By the way, I checked out your blog and you’ve got some great inspiration. Thanks for visiting! -Katie

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